Hi there 

I notice in your articles you discuss electric ionizers  and their side effects.

How about non electric ionisers such as the the ultra stream machine.

Could you please compare your product with theirs in terms of whether there

product is at danger with ph artificial side effects with their water ionising methods.

In that case does your product alter the ph of the water in any other way than adding minerals.

Kind regards

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  • Hi Daniel, The filter you are referring to is using minerals so it's natural, but it's much much smaller than our filter, which means it will not purify as well. It also doesn't do anything to the size of the water molecules, which is most important aspect of water. 

    It's small and can be used as a countertop and that's the only advantage of it. We don't offer a countertop model because it's impossible to do great purification with a countertop size model and provide all the other important aspects of water. 

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