Low water volume

Hi I just Installed the A305 but I get one cup of water at the time.   I have to wait 3 minutes before I get another one.  

Is any way you can resolve this problem? 

I don't want to wait around for a long time to get another cup of water  particularly with 4 people in our family.

Please help us.


Thank you.



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  • Hello Nick,

    Something isn't installed correctly. Please check the following items:

    The cold water shut-off valve should be fully open

    The #2 filter may have been installed upside down

    The inlet and outlet lines on the Revitalizer may be reversed- Ensure the purification module outlet goes to the Revitalizer IN. The Revitalizer OUT should go to the faucet

    There isn't anything on the system itself that, if defective, would block flow. So we need to dig in and find out what is wrong with the installation. Thank you.
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  • My wife and I checked the connections when we arrived home from work. They are exactly as you said they should be. The cold water connection is fully opened. Please view the attached pictures. The water pressure is still low. Please let us know what else we can do.

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  • Something looks off in the photos. The right side of the purification module is the outlet and should be connected to the Revitalizer IN. Instead, in one of the photos, I see the line going elsewhere.

    Looking at the purification module from the front, the inlet is on the left and should be connected to the cold water supply.
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  • Hello there:


    I'm adding to this post because I have the exact same issue - low water flow. When I called and left a message on your main line, I got a message back from someone who recommenced the same 4 steps as Tom has done in this thread. However, as far as I can see, my plumber installed it correctly; however, the water pressure is still very low. When the faucet is opened, the water gushes out with pressure (as is normal) but progressively weakens till it becomes merely a trickle. Attaching some pictures of my install for better reference (though not pictured, have also confirmed that the #2 filter is correctly inserted, i.e., with "This side up" facing the top of the purification module.). Please help!

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  • Vik Mehta It's hard to tell with the lines, but I think it is correctly installed. Can you just turn on the faucet and let it run and sit for 10-20 min. Turn it off and do this a few times and see if the flow gets better. There could be just an air pocket in the lines that cause that high and then low pressure issue. Turning on the faucet and letting it sit a while would make get rid of the issue. 

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  • Alma Thanks for the reply, Alma.

    Tried your recommendation last evening, running the faucet for around 20 minutes and repeating the start/stop cycle for about three times. Still no joy. Attaching a picture of what the water pressure looks like when both  the cold water faucet and Aqualiv faucet are opened - just to show you that the cold water supply is appropriately opened. Any other recommendations?

    Also, are there any Aqualiv-certified/familiar plumbers in the Rockville, MD area available to troubleshooot further? I can compensate them for their time, obviously - just want our system to work! :-(


    Thanks again.


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  • Vik Mehta We'll help you troubleshoot. It can't be too many things with this system. We've checked on most. It might that it's the #2 cartridge. Can you please take the #2 cartridge out and run the water? If the flow is very good without it, it's just that the cartridge is overpacked with media. You can break it up a little by tapping it on its side. Let me know what the results are after this. 

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  • Alma 

    okay, will try that too. Do I need to shut off the water supply before opening the #2 filter? And for testing the pressure without the filter, take out the filter, replace the  filter housing and then restart the water? Sorry for the noob question, but just didn’t want a leak. 

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  • Vik Mehta It's partially like replacing filters. Here are the steps:

    1. Close the Cold Water Supply Valve.
    2. Open the AquaLiv faucet. Water should exit the system and then taper off. Once the water has stopped flowing, close the AquaLiv faucet.
    3. Prep the area beneath the filter housings with towels to catch spillage.
    4. Use the Filter Housing Wrench to loosen the #2 housing. NOTE: The housings unthread counter-clockwise when seen from the bottom. Facing
    head-on, the housings should be turned to the left. Once loosened, the housings should be unscrewed by hand. 

    5. Take out the #2 filter. 

    6. Gently thread the housing back onto the “2” filter cap, making sure it screws on evenly. Tighten by hand. Once the housings have been hand-installed, use the Filter Housing Wrench to tighten them approximately 1/8 turn more.

    7. Use a cloth or paper towels to dry the housings and under-sink area. Open the AquaLiv faucet and then open the Cold Water Supply Valve.

    Then let me know how the flow is of the system.

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  • Alma Hi  Alma:

    Thanks for the details provided in our previous post. I followed them to remove the #2 filter. Well, the water pressure went back to normal when I ran the system without it in place! I then tapped the filter on its side to break it up. However, when I put the filter back into the system,  the water pressure once again became very weak. 

    Interestingly, if I don't tighten the casing for the filter very much, the  pressure improves - but then water starts to leak from the #2 casing after a while, so that's a no-go. BTW, there's a small blue rubber washer that goes on the top end of the filter - that is supposed to be there, right, or was I  supposed to remove it before installing the filter?

    Anyway, so what we know now is that the issue is with the #2 filter and not anything related to an incorrect install. What now?

    Thanks again.

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  • Vik Mehta Excellent. Thank you for doing all the troubleshooting. I'm going to be sending you a new #2 cartridge to use. Our experience is that the overpacked #2 cartridges eventually start having higher flow, but it might take a while. I'll send the new one out today. 

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  • Vik Mehta Yes, the gasket on top of the cartridge is supposed to be there. 

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  • Alma Okay, that'll be great, Alma - thanks! 


    So, is the replacement cartridge any different from the one that is sold with the system - as in, with respect to density of packing? I'm just wondering, for future reference,  as to what might change with a different #2 cartridge - are there different versions you sell?

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  • Vik Mehta Same cartridge, but once in a while we have some that are just too overpacked. Most start having good pressure within a day or two.

    Just to confirm, you are in Rockville, Maryland 20850?

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  • Alma Yes, do you need the fill

    address or an order number? Can email it if you’d like. 

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  • Vik Mehta We already shipped it today. I think we only have one customer with the same last name, so that's where it went. 

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  • Okay, cool - thanks so much, Alma. 

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