replacing a reverse osmosis sytem

I have highly mineralized well water in home that requires several different levels of filtration to enable drinking water.  Mostly it is high in minerals like iron and calcium.  I am curious about replacing it with your A305 unit to gain the advantage of the Structured Water properties - and my first question is;

1.  Will the A305 system adequately replace a multi-cartridge RO system?

2.  I see references to an A500 system on your site but can't find a page showing it.  Is it a replacement for A305 or is the A305 replacing it?

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  • We no longer sell the A500 system. The A305 system does not take out any minerals. It will take out some iron, about 1ppm, but it won't take out the calcium. If you have good pressure and flow and want to add the revitalizer for the structured water aspect, you can buy it by itself here:

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  • I did see that option but in the FAQ page it was reported that a normal RO system doesn't have enough pressure to make the vortex work.  Is that the case?  Is there a way to pressurize the RO system up to make it work?

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  • Bruce Schultz It depends on your pressure tank. What pressure/flow do you have now? If not enough, you can get a larger pressure tank.

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  • I can order a gauge for measuring RO pressure from Amazon.  Is there a target RO pressure that I would be looking to achieve in order for the A305 to vortex properly? 

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  • Also with the AquaLiv Water Revitalizer unit, what additional connectors & installation devices will be required to connect it to the existing RO system?

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  • Bruce Schultz You don't need a device. You can get a one gallon container and time it. We recommend a 1gpm flow rate for at least one gallon, optimally 2 gallons.

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