Ph Has Dropped

When I initially installed the unit, I measured the output (digital Ph meter) at ~8.5 - 9.0.  After four months of use, I recently checked again and the Ph is down to ~7.5 - 8.0.  My untreated tap water is ~7.5.

Any idea why the drop?  How can I get it back to >8.5?  Thanks.

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  • Hi Dean,

    The initial increase is always higher because of all the small particles of Magnesium around the small rocks. Over time the increase is .5-1.5 pH points depending on your water chemistry, the TDS and type of minerals. I would say you probably have a higher TDS and the system only adds some minerals since you already have a lot. I also see a lot of meters that don't measure properly unless they are high quality and calibrated. Structured water is more difficult to measure. You need to have a good meter and let the sample sit for a while longer than typical water while measuring the sample. We consider a pH of 7.5-8 ideal for daily drinking water. If you want to see how the water performs for you, we recommend measuring your own pH over time and this will give you a more accurate picture of how it works for you. Your body accumulates alkaline minerals over time as you drink this water daily, this is why a pH of 8 is plenty alkaline for most people. 

    In case you still want a much higher pH, we have this ph boost cartridge that you can add at any time:

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