New install water not coming out of faucet

My plumber is here and just completed the install.  Opened the water faucet and then opened the cold water supply line.  I heard water going into the filters, but nothing comes out of the faucet.  Nothing!  I removed the filters one at a time and retested.  Second filter is somehow blocked.  Water flows very fast without the second filter in  the canister.  Nothing flows with it in.   Maybe a bad filter?  

I have a licensed plumber here - pretty straightforward, and installed correctly. 

I think I need a second filter that perhaps doesn't filter quite so well!  Help!

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  • No need for reply, plumber got things going

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  • Coreen Evans That's great. What did he do to fix the issue? Sometimes just opening the water more slowly does it. Large air bubbles will cause some stoppage on the #2 filter. 

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  • Alma I suggested he possibly tightened the filters too tight so he took them off and tapped the middle one as suggested in another thread and screwed them back on to hand tightness then the wrench and low and behold, water! There was water in each cylinder but it couldn’t move. Something to be said about the directions maybe correct 😂😂 Thanks! 

    The top of the tap that the water flows out of is very loose though, that does concern me. I could probably break it off if I wanted too, are they all like that? The plumber unscrewed it and then put it back together no change? Your comments on this @Alma?

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  • Coreen Evans Thank you so much, Coreen for sharing how you fixed this. It's very true if over-tightened the #2 filter will not flow. Thanks again. Have a great weekend.

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