Dripping Oil Rubbed Bronze Tap

Installed yesterday by a plumber, no leaks anywhere, very happy.  The top part of the (curved movable) faucet that water comes out of is very wobbly and there is always a drop of water seeping from it.  Is this a faulty faucet? The plumber unscrewed the base where the moveable curved spout goes into the brass housing and all was well but it’s still seeping water. Last night I left a dog dish under it and there was close to 2 tbsp. and whatever may have evaporated.  Photo will not attach.  Your comments AquaLiv??????

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  • Has he tried pulling out the spout (the curved part) and seeing if the O ring is in its place. Also, just pushing that spout down more would close the seal better.

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  • Yes, we’ve tried both, still seeping. There is only one area the little plastic washer can sit so you can screw the decorative housing down and it’s in its spot.  Alma

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  • Is the o ring supposed to be a solid piece or split for some “give” for a better seal? Ours is the latter Alma

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  • Coreen Evans The white plastic part does have a slit in it. But once you pull out the spout you can see the two o rings, those make the seal. See the attached photo. I'll go ahead and send you this faucet and you can have extra pieces for future replacements. 

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  • Alma That’s exactly what mine looks like but it continues to leak. We took it apart again yesterday to check the o rings they are intact, smooth put it back together with no change.  Side note, thank you for the excellent customer service.

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