Municipal Water problems - need advice

Hi, I have been seriously thinking of getting your system for some time now, but I live in a city where the water is VERY high in calcium - so high there is a class action lawsuit in the works because it ruins so many appliances, water lines, etc. If that isn't enough, they also use chloramines instead of plain chlorine which I know is much harder to remove. We are all suffering skin problems as a result since moving here and living in this community where we are stuck with this water system. I have studied your sales questions and answers but see nothing that really helps me know what to do. I want to cut down on the amount of calcium that comes into my house but not eliminate it. I would really like to eliminate the chloramines and flouride or as much of it as possible, so I'm assuming I will need a whole house filter setup, but would then like to have the AquaLiv system under the kitchen sink.

I have found a system for the whole house setup that seems like it might work but I remember reading in one of the Q&A's here to discuss it with you all first. It is made by Pelican and is called their "Premium Whole House Water Filter System", but would need the "Iron/Manganese Filter & Salt Free Softener" system to cut down on the calcium buildup but I don't know if this would remove all minerals and if it does, would the AquaLiv system still be able to reintroduce the beneficial minerals back into the drinking water? The thing I like about the Pelican is that it is salt-free and doesn't waste water and also doesn't require electricity.

I guess I just need to know from you whether this would work with the AquaLiv system and given the issues I've stated above, do you think I would be better off with a whole house system + the AquaLiv?

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  • Hi Catherine, Very good questions and as I was reading your water concerns I was thinking about the Pelican system. It will reduce a lot of the calcium, but if you have high levels, it will not remove it all. Then the AquaLiv would remove all the Chloramines and most of the Fluoride. The regular system only add Magnesium to the water. I would say you would be perfectly ok with this setup. Once it is all installed and running for two months or so you can have the Calcium tested, if you don't think it's enough Calcium, we have another add on cartridge that adds more Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium. This cartridge:

    It can be added at any time to the system. 

    The whole house system that removes some of the Calcium plus the AquaLiv is what we would recommend. Most salt free softeners don't remove all Calcium. 

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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  • Alma 

    Thanks for your response. And no, I prefer not to remove all the calcium but enough, hopefully to not ruin the pipes and appliances. Thanks again!

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  • Alma Hi! I am looking for the same system Catherine was looking for and just want to clarify for myself what you were saying.  You can pair the Pelican premium whole house water filtration system with the AquaLiv? They will work together?  Because that is exactly what I am looking for.  A combination of the two.  Would it then be safe to drink the tap water if I have the above two systems?  Or would I need a separate drinking water filtration system under the sink?  Thank you.

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  • Heidi M Hi Heidi, Yes, you can pair the Pelican whole house with AquaLiv. AquaLiv filter is a filter under the kitchen sink. It doesn't go on the whole house like Pelican. 

    Here is the A305 system:

    And the extra mineral cartridge:

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