Bowel Changes

I have notice significant bowel changes since beginning the oxygenated water.  Is this normal and part of the detoxification process and does this settle down with time.

I have a lot of gas an more bowel movements each day.  This is only 4 days for ingesting the water.  I drink 16oz first thing in the morning before coffee then another 16-18oz before noon, which is close to half my body weight of 119 lbs. as suggested.  Just curious if this is common in the beginning.

Also, I read on the internet, so it's got to be true...haha  That although your PH urine has an alkaline reading of 7.5-8.0 or above , it does not necessarily mean your blood PH is at a good level.  Please explain this if you could.  My urine PH is amazing to date, so need more info on how this does or does not apply to your blood PH. 

In Just the short time of using Aqualive, I have noticed that I feel great with more energy and have also noticed my shoulder pain from a previous rotary cuff repair is subsiding, which is of great relief.  Hoping it continues.  I suppose its helping with the inflammation from the surgery.

I'm also curious what the difference between the Aqual live system and the Nolte version Natural Action system?  I've seen numerous video's on both and my main interest was the energy testimonials of the Natural action and the effects it has on the benefits of plant life and the specific muscle test it performed on balance in the human body.

Thanks so much!




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  • Hi Roxanne,

    Bowel changes are a normal part of detoxification and generally settle down after a short time. Always drink as much water as you can, but if detox symptoms become too much cut back a bit for awhile. A good goal is 2-3 liters per day. I would be very surprise to hear that anyone drinking that much AquaLiv would have an acid condition in their blood.

    I'm happy to hear that some other health issues are subsiding.

    Both the AquaLiv System and Natural Action (Nolte) devices create structured water. However, the Natural Action devices do not energize the water after structuring, like the AquaLiv System does. The Natural Action devices also do not work well at the lower flow rates of drinking water systems. An agriculture company conducted a seed germination test with the Natural Action style structuring device and an AquaLiv System. I'm happy to report that even plants agree there is no comparison to AquaLiv. Outside of the structured water conversation, the AquaLiv Water System also alkalizes and purifies the water. I know that Nolte claims that water doesn't need to be purified if it is structured because the water doesn't allow the toxins to hurt you. That's just not true. I think the scientific definition of "does not cause harm in the body" would be that a toxin is not available to participate in chemical reactions. We paid an independent laboratory to test the structuring/energizing device as a purification device. It did nothing. All toxins were available to participate in chemical reactions. Long story short, structured water and even energized structured water is not a replacement for purification. Purify, alkalize, structure, energize; that's the AquaLiv method.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Roxanne.

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  • Tom Davis 

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  • Thank You, makes total sense, I appreciate the promptness.  Your system was recommend by Veritas alternative medicine practice, so I believe that a medical recommendation of this product was valid and had a purpose for health benefits.

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  • Hi! Since you guys mentioned Nolte System....whats your opinion on

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  • Dmitry Lekomtsev It looks like they have a small filter, then a mineral cartridge and a small flow through structuring unit. It looks very home made. I don't see much data here, but based on the size there is not much of the filtration media there and the flow through for structuring is very short. They don't do energizing even though they call it energizing, it's simply structuring water via a vortex and then into your cup. 

    To me it looks like they are trying to do what we do, but they are far behind and more expensive.  

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