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We installed our new system about a week ago , without any trouble ... it was easy.  We tested it yesterday with a digital device and found numbers higher than out tap water!  Tap registered at 156 ppm.  AquaLiv tested at 187 ppm.   I plan to purchase a more precise kit and retest. But can you explain why this might be happening?  

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  • Hi Janyce, That's exactly what we would expect from AquaLiv on a TDS (total dissolved solids) test. TDS is a measure of mostly minerals. Since the AquaLiv system does not remove any minerals and also adds Magnesium the resulting TDS is higher. If you are wanting a low TDS, you have to do Reverse Osmosis or Distillation, which remove  minerals from the water.  If you want to measure the pH, it's a different type of device. 

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  • Hello Janyce,

    Just to add to what Alma said: 99% of TDS is minerals. The AquaLiv System A305 is designed to remove contaminants without removing the minerals. Further, the system adds even more alkaline minerals to increase pH. It sounds like you system is working as designed. We have a version of the system that also reduces TDS for those with hard water, but at 156ppm, the A305 system is the correct choice. Thank you.

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  • What number of TDS would you recommend using your other system? 

    On RO systems you can check TDS to see if you need to replace your filters early. I live in an area that ends filters life very early. How would I determine early replacement on your system?

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  • Sean Heathcote Hi Sean, The TDS is usually high with AquaLiv as it doesn't remove minerals and TDS is mostly minerals. So it would not be a good indicator. The filters are rated for one year or 1000 gallons whichever comes first. Most customers replace them at the once per year point, others have this indicator that is preset with the 1000 gallons: 


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