Hi What is the difference between your 700 and 400 dollar water systems ?

I'm surprised in your descriptions there are no details explaining the difference between the 2 models ? Please explain ......?



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  • Hello Martin,

    Both systems create the same AquaLiv Water. Model A305, the lower priced system, is the correct choice for most people. However, for those with hard water or contaminates above legal limits, Model A500 is best.

    It is best to leave in the beneficial minerals and that is what A305 does. However, to reduce hardness or deal with problem water we have to take out the minerals and then add them back in- that's what the A500 does. It is less than ideal, but can be the best choice for really bad water.

    What is your water like, Martin? Thanks for your interest in AquaLiv.

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  • anks Tom , I looked a bit more thru the web page and in another section is a description sorry. It says however that the higher priced system gets rid of floride does the 400 dollar system get rid of floride ? Just wondering .......

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  • Fluoride reduction on the A305 model varies based on what else is in the water as some other contaminants outcompete fluoride on attraction to the reduction media. On average, I would estimate about 30% reductions of fluoride with the A305. Fluoride reduction on the A500 is between 88-92% on average.

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