I've been hearing a lot about microplastics and I am concerned that the revitalizer might have the potential to add microplastics to the filtered water.  What is it made of and over time can the inside break down and leach plastic particles?  

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  • Hi Grace, There are no microplastics coming from the revitalizer.  You also only run cold water through it. Most leaching happens with lower quality of plastics as well as heat exposure. 

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  • Hi Alma, Thank you for your response. What are low quality plastics and what kind is the revitalizer? How do you know for certain it doesn't leach?  Is testing done to ensure that the inside of the revitalizer isn't deteriorating over time?  Your answer doesn't sound definitive.

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  • Grace Hilbert 

    We do test the water coming out of the A305 periodically for microplastics and have not found any leaching. The water flows through two different types of polyethylene which are naturally BPA-free (HDPE and LDPE) and generally considered the safest plastics.

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