Expected water voltage reduction


With the aqualiv system, what would be a normal/typical reduction of water voltage?

I.e. as measured by a multimeter and compared with similar (unfiltered) tap water




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  • Hi Jason, are you asking about the ORP measurement? We don't change it into the negative like ionizers do with our normal set of filters. It's unstable and unnecessary for daily drinking water. However, if you want the neg ORP and you plan on drinking the water right as you make it, you can add this cartridge to add the neg. ORP (the readings are usually between -50 to -250 mV): 


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  • Hi! "A healthy living cell gathers around itself water with an ORP value of about -100 mV". Form what i understand Negative ORP  playing Big role, and responsible for ability to get rid off free radicals.I thing to have this cartridge its a MUST!? When you say unstable,what you mean by that? Thanx!

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  • Dmitry Lekomtsev It means it's not going to maintain the neg. ORP for that long. To get the most benefits you'll need to drink the water as soon as you fill your glass. This is true with this cartridge as well as with electric ionizers. H- which causes the neg. ORP dissipates when exposed to air.

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