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I am an affiliate marketer. If you had a positive affiliate program, you could make lots of sales.  I love my AquaLiv and shower filter.

From your rewards Program: Simply have the referral write your name in the "Did someone refer you or give you water?" field when they purchase online.

That's not a positive system  - most of the time, they won't do it.

You just need create a link for me to your website so my customers come in with my name or code and it is automatically entered in the field .

Or I could sell your systems, if it was on Amazon. I am an affiliate for Amazon. I think your AquaLiv may have been on Amazon, but it is not there now - too bad.


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  • Hi Chuck, We used to have affiliate links before, but it got too hard to manage and some people were getting very upset about it. What happens is that most people do a lot of research and click on multiple links before they actually end up buying. The affiliate program tracks the last link and not the first one, so people that should actually be getting the commissions, the first one who introduced it, were not getting credit. This is why we got rid of the program and send a personal email now to ask each person who buys a system who referred them and we get a very good return rate of replies to these. 

    If you want to use Amazon, AquaLiv is on there. Here is the link:

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  • Ya, but the price for AquaLiv Water System A305 on Amazon is $627, whereas aquaLiv site shows $585.

    That's no solution - that's not going to work, it is not fair - you are padding the price on Amazon to cover the commission, if you have to pay it. I can't sell like that.

    It is a great product and you could sell a lot more with an effective marketing system.


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  • Chuck It's more on Amazon because of Amazon seller fees. 

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  • Alma  Then why would  anyone buy it on Amazon, which you obviously don't want them to do. Ya, effective marketing costs a little - but it gets sales. I think you've got the best water filter on the market, but nobody knows about it. I have a website for natural healing and homeopathic medicine - and structured  water is something we all need. I use your water to mix my homeopathic remedies - it is that good and they work fine. I think I could sell some of your water systems, but I have to  have effective marketing. Telling the customer to make sure I get credit for the sale is kind of school-girlish. It makes me look and feel like a fool - in this wonderful age of technology. Gotta be a better way  - a real plan and not 2 prices.

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  • Chuck You can always sign up as a dealer and sell directly as well. 

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  • Alma I don't think I am set up to be a dealer and process transactions. I am a scientist, engineer, natural healer,  writer, affiliate marketer with my own website. My customers can be anywhere, maybe worldwide. Ya, I'm a sales guy. I wish your company had a better opinion of sales guys - we are what makes business work. I only promote products that I believe  in and  I expect to earn a little commission. If that is not feasible with your company, then I have other fish to fry.

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