Water pressure and volume drops down to a slow trickle after the first 1 qt. I switched the lines, no change. drained lg. tank, no change.

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  • Hi Dean, We would like to see the photos of your installation if you can post them here or send them to support@aqualivstore.com .

    Also, how long ago did you change your filters?

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  • Alma  I found the installation diagram on line, my install is correct and had been working.

    I am draining the water tank and getting read to reinstall, lets see what happens.

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  • Dean Dickinson We still would like to see the position of the permeate pump.

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  • Alma 

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  • I followed all the installation steps and it sit acts the same, I think there is something wrong with my pressure tank, can you send me another one to try? 

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  • Dean Dickinson I'll let our installation person look at this first this afternoon and if he doesn't see anything wrong, we can try that.

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  • I always can depend on you Alma, thanks a bunch.

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  • Hello Dean,

    You most likely only need to add air to the pressure tank. Here are the instructions:

    • Turn off the water supply to the AquaLiv System
    • Turn on the AquaLiv faucet to relieve system pressure and leave the faucet on. Systems with 'basic' style faucet lift the lever up to lock in the on position
    • When water has stopped flowing from the AquaLiv faucet, lift the RO Pressure Tank. If the tank is heavy, the tank needs to be pressurized with air. If it is light, the problem is most likely elsewhere in the system and you do not need to pump air into the tank
    • There is a valve stem (just like on a bicycle or car tire) underneath a blue cap on the side of the tank. Remove the blue cap
    • Use a bicycle tire pump to pump air into the tank. An air compressor can be used instead but great caution is needed not to overpressurize. Water should begin flowing from the AquaLiv faucet
    • When water stops flowing, use an air pressure gauge to check the pressure
    • 7 psi is the target pressure. Add or remove air as needed to achieve 7psi (air is removed by pushing in on the center pin of the air valve)
    • Turn on the water supply to the AquaLiv System. Turn off the AquaLiv faucet
    • The system will now refill the pressure tank. When the system stops 'clicking' the pressure tank is full
    • You should now have pressurized water. If the system loses pressure again in hours to a few days, the RO Pressure tank needs to be replaced
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  • We have found the trouble, the tank will not hold pressure. It leaks straight out the bladder and exits the tank. How do I get another tank? I am in Norwalk, Ca.

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  • Dean Dickinson Sending you one tomorrow. 

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  • Alma, should I send the old one back to you?

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  • Dean Dickinson Thank you for checking on that. No need to send that one back. Have a great week.

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  • Alma, That was the fix!

    Working as good as new, your customer service is second to none.

    Dean Dickinson/R&D Racing

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  • Dean Dickinson Great. Happy we got it fixed for you! Thank you.

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  • Tom Davis I see to be having the same issue.  Will check these instructions this weekend.  I can only get 12 cups of water then a drizzle.

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  • I had to add 7psi, open valve watch water exit and it would stop, had to do this 3 or 4 times until tank was empty or about - then add the final 7psi, reinstall and wait 24hrs then i got 36 cups (3 coffee pots full) and it was still going so maybe that fixes it now! 

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  • Terry Premru The tank usually needs to have air added periodically, but if it keeps happening too soon, let us know. Thank you.

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  • Alma Thanks - will do!

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  • Tom Davis  I'm having this same issue 2 weeks after changing filters this year... all of a sudden the water comes out fast for a second then trickles.   Hope this will fix it.

    Bud Thompson-Sacramento bud51@comcast.net

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