Purity and revalizer

Hi Tom,

You seem extremely knowledgeable about water in general and your system which gives one a lot of confidence when purchasing a new filter system.

I read about your comparison to UltraStream which was great because that was the other one I was considering before I read the comparison.

I currently have the Amway Espring system which is the number one selling filtration system in the world (I do realize this doesn't mean it's the best!).

1) Before buying an entirely new filtration system, I'd love for you to give me a comparison between this and the Aqualiv System.

I guess the question is why I want to change, and really the answer is the fact that I'd love a system that purifies to a superior level but ALSO mineralizes the water, raises the pH and produces a good level of hydrogen. I've owned the eSpring for a number of years because of the supposed amazing purification it provides, but want more out of my water as you can understand.

From your other review, I realize that although the AquaLiv system adds hydrogen, it's not in huge amounts.

2) What does your mineral booster do? I'm considering that as an add-on but my impression was that it just raises the pH and not hydrogen levels.

3) How can I find out what water I'm receiving? I live in Valley Village (next to Studio City and North Hollywood), California and when I try to look it up I'm given a bunch of providers, of whom I have no idea services my building! Although California does have a good reputation for clean water, I'd still like to look up the water quality so I can send it over to you to recommend the best system for me.

4) With the AquaLiv 305 and the booster, would you still recommend H2 tablets or would that too much for a body to handle?

5) Is the hydrogen level and pH good for pregnant women?

6) You really have your research down. I'd love for you to personally recommend some sites where I can read about the benefits of structured water and hydrogen in water. From what I understood, you said that although high pH is beneficial, it's the structured and energized water with the added hydrogen that's even more important.

I know this is a lot of questions, but once we decide on a system we want to stick with it for years to come. I appreciate your time and look forward to your feedback.

Thank you!

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  • Hello Shraddha,

    Thank you for the compliments. It also seems like you have done your research which is something all of us here at AquaLiv appreciate. Good for you.

    I'll will answer your questions according to your numbered order:

    1) The eSpring only removes contaminants. It does not enhance water in any way. It does use UV sterilization to sanitize water against microbiological activity, however, most people on municipally supplied water do not have any such activity to contend with. Both AquaLiv System also effectively purify water. In addition, they mineralize, alkalize, structure, and energize. These enhancements are directly related to health improvements, whereas purification alone is merely avoiding adverse health effects. Both AquaLiv System to add trace amounts of hydrogen, although the A500 adds more.

    2) The mineral booster cartridge adds alkaline minerals to the water in addition to producing hydrogen and lowering the Oxidation Reduction Potential of the water.

    3) We're also located in SoCal and are familiar with the water in this area. Compared to many areas of the country, our water isn't too bad. It is a bit hard, meaning some people would prefer the taste of the water from the A500 system over the A305.

    4) Water in nature does not have an excessive amount of hydrogen. In nature, antioxidants are provided by food. It is fine to supplement with hydrogen, however, one's body can be overly alkaline as well. Use pH Strip for testing urine to monitor your progress and ensure you are in the healthful zone. Over alkalization leads to many issues, but the most common is bladder infections.

    5) AquaLiv Systems are designed to produce the very best water one could find in nature. If a certain characteristic of the water could not be found in nature or is only found in certain quantities, we do not step outside of that "natural" blueprint. Our philosophy is that our bodies and DNA were created for and/or evolved in a natural environment. Anything ingested that isn't natural will eventually cause problems even if it were beneficial at first. AquaLiv is meant to be one's primary beverage for life. You cannot drink too much or overdose. It is perfectly safe.

    6) Many of our customers are overly focused on pH and hydrogen. While the alkaline minerals that create a natural pH in AquaLiv Water are healthful, and while hydrogen creates an antioxidant effect in the body, it is the structure and electrical potential in AquaLiv Water that is responsible for the majority of the health benefits AquaLiv Water drinkers report. We have determined this through customer-based testing; some customers drinking hydrogen-rich water only and others AquaLiv Water with much less hydrogen. More health improvements were reported from the group drinking AquaLiv Water. We did a similar test with naturally alkaline water only and AquaLiv Water with the same results. I don't have anywhere to point you for more information, but if you like science, Dr. Pollack's book the Fourth Phase of Water is highly recommended.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments and questions, Shraddha.

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  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks a lot for your detailed reply, I appreciate it. I'm happy to have found someone who knows the industry so well!

    1) Just so I understand correctly, you feel the Aqualiv system would be beneficial the way it is, without needing to add on the booster? I'm an absolute believer and fan of the "sticking to nature" philosophy so don't want to mess with that. 

    2) What are the main differences between the A350 and A500? I know you said they both purify, mineralize and energize the water. I didn't even know there was another system until I read your message and looked it up! 

    3) Would you recommend one over the other based on where I live?

    4) Do I need a plumber to install either system?

    5) How quickly could I get the system since I'm in SoCal?

     I'm very excited to start my Aqualiv journey! 

    Look forward to hearing from you. 

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  • Hi Shraddha,

    1) Minerals in the booster are included with the systems already. No need for an extra unless you want more of a pH boost.

    2) The A305 does not remove any minerals from the source water. The A500 does remove the minerals from the source water and then adds more minerals back in. Only the purification method differs. The enhancement features are the same. The A305 is appropriate for most people. The A500 is sometimes better for hard water.

    3) I use the A500 personally since moving to Southern California, just because I like the taste of the water better from the A500 down here. When I lived in Seattle, I preferred the A305. Seattle water has far less minerals and when I moved here, the water tasted milky to me so I switched to the A500. Many people that have lived down here for a long time are used to the taste of the water and it isn't an issue. We have far more A305 systems in the Greater L.A. area than A500 and just about everyone says they love the taste of AquaLiv water from either system.

    4) We include step by step instructions with each system. Anyone with handy-person type skills can install it. Most plumbers can install it in a couple of hours.

    5) Depending on when you place your order, next day or two days!


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  • Hi Tom,

    Great feedback, thank you again.

    Perfect, 1-2 days is fantastic!

    One last question. Because the 500 removes minerals and then adds them back in would you say the mineral content of the 350 water is slightly higher or are they pretty much the same?

    I know that the vortex system does the most beneficial work but thought I'd ask anyway. We want to stick with our machine for years to come so I'm a bit  of a perfectionist when it comes to choosing!

    Do both have good water flow?



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  • Hi Shraddha,

    The A305 will have a much higher mineral content because the A500 is designed to remove more than it replaces. It is designed to do that because some people have too much minerals.

    The Revitalizer that vortexes and energizes the water is maintenance free and will function for decades without problems.

    Both systems have excellent water flow. However, the A305 will flow indefinitely when the faucet is turned on and the A500 has 2.5 gallons in reserve because it produces water more slowly.

    Thank you.

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  • Hi Tom,

    Understood. Would you say Los Angeles water, namely Valley Village / Studio City area has too many minerals in the water? I know that our water is not problem water so I know that for that reason the A305 would be a good choice. However, I'm swayed by the fact that you yourself have chosen the A500 for the same area, it's true that water hardness is an issue here. Also, I went through as many questions and answers on the A500 that I could to not have to ask you question after question and I'm left feeling a little overwhelmed and inundated with information, unsure of which system to go with.

    I did request a phone call back so I could ask you everything I need to and then place my order, we're moving tomorrow so we really would love our filter as soon as possible.

    I guess the three things I'm wondering are: are the minerals that the 500 put back in sufficient for what you need?

    Also, I saw that many people have a fluoride concern. I wasn't aware that water contained it or that it was bad for you. I have heard that it is bad for infants and as you know, we are planning to start a family soon. Having said that, I'm not sure if the municipal water supply in the LA area contains enough fluoride to warrant the need to remove it.

    The third thing is: do you have a filter we could attach to our kitchen sink? Not to drink, but something to prevent limescale buildup and water spots. We have a huge problem with that.

    I appreciate your patience with all my questions. I am in serious need of help in choosing the right system for us! After reading so many answers and looking online, I'm more confused than ever about which system is best suited to our needs, and don't know enough about our water source except that it's municipal to inform me.

    I guess in a worst case scenario, I could start off with the 305 and always get an upgrade kit if needs be, however, it would be ideal to start off with the right unit.

    Appreciate your help, Tom.

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  • Hi Shraddha,

    The only reason for you to go with the A500 over the A305 would be taste. The A500 does add enough minerals in, and the correct minerals, to make the water healthful.

    The fluoride here is added for the purposes of strengthening teeth. Some of our customers want it. Others do not. Both systems reduce fluoride although the A500 reduces much more. I can't make a decision for you about whether the fluoride added here is a concern. The levels are not that high compared to other areas we've seen.

    We don't have anything that would reduce the minerals in the water on your normal kitchen faucet. Many people down here install water softeners to deal with that. We focus on drinking water specifically.

    I see you already ordered the A305. Thank you. You can go with the A500 later, if you decide that is best for you. Have a great weekend.

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  • Hey Tom,

    I've just read this whole chain of messages with Shraddha.  I've been doing a lot of research on RO water, and I've read how bad it is for you on both the Aqualiv site, the World Health Organization, and other sites as well.  I've read that even if you "re-mineralize" the water after, it's not as good as water that naturally has the minerals.  Why does Aqualiv even sell an RO system (the A500) when the site talks about how bad RO water is?  The reason I'm asking is because I've become sick due to excessive consumption of RO water over the last 8 years, and I want to get rid of our RO system, but if you guys think it's ok to just add minerals back to the RO water, then I can save a lot of money by just buying a mineral replacement filter and adding it to our current RO system.  But if it's really true that "re-mineralizing" the water is not as good, then I feel like I should purchase the A305.  I don't want to compromise my family's health, but am confused by which water would truly be safer.  And one final question.  I don't want fluoride in our water, but if you recommend the A305, is there and addition that we could get that would remove more fluoride?  Thanks so much for all of your detailed answers to Shraddha's questions.  I appreciate your time.

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  • Hi Grinnel,

    The A500 system is designed to only remove 90% of the minerals, in addition to adding more back in. It is slightly de-tuned compared to most RO systems and we only recommend it for people with very high TDS, typically 400 ppm or over. How does this translate to health? A 90% reduction in minerals will leave 40 ppm of minerals. Then we add a bit more. This is a perfectly healthful amount of minerals for most people. Many of our customers who need the A500 have even more than 400 ppm TDS, sometimes nearing 1000 ppm! The A305 simply won't work for those people and this is why we have the A500. Neither the A305 or A500 is better than the other. The best choice depends on the properties of the source water. Water systems are not a 'one-size-fits-all' product.

    If you have mineral deficiency issues, I wouldn't recommend the A500; unless your TDS is very, very high. You need even more minerals than the minimum healthful level, at least for awhile. You can get an upgrade kit to convert the A305 to an A500 down the road. However, just adding minerals to water isn't the answer; nor is alkalinity. The health benefits of the Revitalizer component far outweigh everything else, and treatment by that device allows water to assist the body much more efficiently and effectively.

    The A305 system can be expanded with an extra cartridge to reduce more fluoride, if you like. However, at municipally added levels, you will not notice any difference in your health between that and fluoride completely removed. I've tried it personally. 5 years on and 5 years off. Might fluoride have unnoticeable impacts? Of course. However, I think drinking a water that encourages detoxification and hydration on an entirely different level might negate some of the effects of what fluoride remains after treatment by the A305.

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  • Thanks Tom,

    I greatly appreciate your thoughtful response.


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  • Do you still sell the a500 model? I can't seem to find it on your site or anywhere else. Thank you in advance!

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  • Cynthia Brower We no longer sell the A500 system. I'm sorry.

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  • Alma Not a problem. Thank you!

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