Installation diagram or drawing

Hi,  Could you please show a diagram of the units installed.

Does the Revitalizer mount on wall or sit on the bottom base? 

I have a very tight space under the sink.

Thanks, Charles

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  • Hi Charles,

    The system consists of two modules. The purification module is mounted to either the left or right side-wall of the cabinet. The Revitalizer sits on its base and can be located anywhere.

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  • Ok, Thanks tom.


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  • What is the best way to disconnect the tubing from the quick connect fittings?


    Ray Sierra

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  • I am mounting my system in a utility room where I already have a tap for my refrigerator ice machine and water dispenser.  Is there some kind of wall mount for the revitalizer like there is for the filters?

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  • Morgan Sharp No wall mount needed for it. Just place it on a level floor.

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  • Alma I know it will sit on a floor or shelf.  I did not make by request clear.  I am installing this system in the utility room in the basement up on a wall 6' off of the floor.

    I guess I will have to build a shelf if you do not have a device to mount it to the wall.

    By the way, I currently use an inline water per-filter before the refrigerator filter and ice maker.  Would it help the life of my Aqualiv filter to continue using that or not? 

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  • Morgan Sharp That's correct, no special device to mount it to the wall, just a regular shelf should be good. 

    The inline filter doesn't do anything that the AquaLiv filters are not, so we usually recommend that you take out the fridge filter and not use it at all. 

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