Can you tell me if the water filtration system filters out the arsenic, chromium 3 and 6, barium, cadmium, copper ,radium, cysts fluoride and lead?  I'm looking at the performance data sheet and don't see any of them listed.  

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  • Hi Bonnie, The only things that are performance tested are on the datasheet. Lead is listed on there. Fluoride reduction depends on your source water. Here is what we typically see with the medias that we use:

    BC Carbon 

    It is rated for the following:

    Aluminum           >80%

    Arsenic III,V       >80%

    Cadmium            >80%

    Chromium III,VI >80%,>50%

    Copper               >90%

    Iron                     >99%

    Lead                   >90%

    Manganese        >80%

    Mercury               >50%

    Nickel                  >90%

    Silver                   >50%

    Zinc                     >90%

    Fluoride              >70%


    Barium is reduced by the KDF-55 media that we use, but not tested for levels. Radium is also reduced and at certain levels completely eliminated. 

    If you have a lot of Arsenic for instance and you need additional removal, there is always a way to add another specific Arsenic removal filter. 

    Unless you go with Reverse Osmosis, some contaminants are difficult to tell how much it will remove/reduce through this method unless we know exact levels of it in your water. 

    Let me know if you have more questions.

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